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Weekly Horoscopes from the Lunar Point of View

Photograph of Astrologer Neil Ormsby.

Pisces Sun ~ Scorpio Moon ~ Libra Rising.

I am an English Astrologer who has been reading astrological birth charts and tarot cards for 30 years.

The Moon has a bewitching entrancement unlike that of the Sun
It has been an entity of mystery and worship for many centuries, responsible for the fluctuation of the daily tides.

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The eight phases of the Moon.
The Eight Moon Phases

From one exact New Moon to the next, the 29.5 day cycle of the Moon is called the Lunation Cycle.
The Moon takes about 2.5 days to transit through each of the twelve constellations. Over this period, the Moon goes through each of its eight phases.

The predictions below, are based on the phases of the Moon, as she waxes and wanes;
sojourning the signs of the zodiac, and in turn making aspects to other planets.

The void-of-course period of the Moon, is the period of time when it is in-between signs. Things that are started during this period, rarely turn out as planned.

The Next Moon Event is : Full Moon 22° 24' Aquarius ~ 15th Aug, 12:29 pm. GMT

Today's Moon Phase.
Today: The Moon is sojourning Pisces ~ Waning Gibbous

This week's Lunar Horoscope Forecast GMT

Please note : This weeks forecast is for ALL signs.

And if your Moon sign at birth is listed below, its influence will affect you more than others.

The Moon is VoC Pisces.

16:33 pm Moon Enters Aries.

For some, it is possible an ex-lover might re-appear on the scene; think seriously before you give this person any of your time and energy.
Will a reunion be in your best interest?

Property transactions may encounter a few complications; due diligence is advised if you are signing any contracts or agreements.

Single? Rather than staying at home and becoming a couch potato, why not go out and have some fun; that way, you may meet someone who will make your heart shine brighter than the Sun.

Some of you will need to keep a balance between your work and home life, or you may be accused of being a workaholic.

For others, you will be full of energy, and may employ a personal trainer or join a gym; some of you will join a dance class or have swimming lessons.

Finally, when was the last time you had your blood pressure and cholesterol level checked?

An afterthought: If you fill your own heart with self-love, someone else's heart will find its way to you.

The enthralling Moon sojourns Aries.

15:27 pm Moon Waning Gibbous 11° Aries.

Under today's Aries Moon, any business dealings should go well; it is a good day to enter into negotiations and for signing contracts of any kind.

For others, a superior will call you into the office to give you some news; perhaps it is an indication of a promotion/raise.

Some of you may find that children will be a major cause for concern if you have not kept the lines of communication open.

When was the last time you spoke to your guardian angel(s) and said thank you for their protection and guidance?
You should never take them for granted.

Finally, if you feel you have missed out on a promotion, don't worry, your time will come far sooner than you think.

An afterthought: For some, you may become concerned with children and their educational development.

The changing Moon moves through Aries.

Try to protect yourself from someone who may try to manipulate you or is using emotionally blackmail; this can be from children or grown up people at work.

If any of your children has been very unhappy at school, you may decide to switch them to a different one which has more harmonious surroundings.
In extreme cases, you may decide to educate your child at home.

When someone keeps saying they are too busy at work, you may feel they are trying to avoid you; because of this, you might begin to feel suspicious.
Will you do some detective work to put your mind at rest?

Finally, today is not a good day to divulge your feelings or secrets to others.

An afterthought: Some of you may choose a profession in the military/police force.

04:06 am Moon Begins VoC Aries.

04:37 am Moon Enters Taurus.

For some, you may roll the dice and have an impressive lucky streak in business speculation or gambling.
But, you must know when to quit or you'll end up owing more than you've gained; don't put your house on it.

For those of you who are in the teaching profession, you may be tempted to work abroad.
With your talent and the ability to learn and speak foreign languages; the transition will be easy-peasy, I am sure.

Come the afternoon, some of you will leave work early, to undertake a sentimental journey which will lead to new frontiers, resulting in a change of location and career.

Some of you may be attracted to an inexperienced person who is extremely shy; will you still persist when they turn down your offer of a date?
Try again on Saturday...

Some of you may conceive a baby when you are on your annual vacation.

Finally, if you have a chance to go on an overseas business trip, accept it, as it should turn out to be enriching.

An afterthought: For some, when you attend a work related social event or join a social club, you will fall head over heels in love.

Photograph of Clairvoyant Neil Ormsby.
Psychic Astrologer ~ Neil Ormsby

I am now providing one question in-depth readings.

You can find all of the details


21:32 pm Moon Begins VoC Taurus.

If you are looking for a job that provides security, do research on companies that offer great retirement packages.

Some of you will be in two minds about sprucing up your present home or moving, if you are thinking about building an extension, check first if you need planning permission.

If you are looking to buy a house, be patient and do not buy the first one that comes along; you will find a bargain in the long run.

Are you a budding entrepreneur? If so, you may well attract the attention of an investor who is looking for outstanding and innovative business ventures.

Finally, this is a good day to tie up any loose ends and finish any projects that may have been put on the back burner.

An afterthought: Be open to constructive criticism. Although you have been blessed with creative talent, there is always room for improvement.

10:02 am Sun ingres Virgo.

14:34 pm Moon Enters Gemini.

14:56 pm Last Quarter Moon 0° 12' Gemini.

Happy Birthday all you Virgoeans.

Should you be fed up with your current job, you might start thinking about finding something that's better paid or more emotionally rewarding.
It is a period of time for you to learn a new topic of interest, so why not enroll at a college or university.

Someone might use there power of persuasion to take advantage of your good nature.
If that is the case, walk away from anybody who is trying to get you involved in any under hand dealings.

For some, money will figure prominently in your actions, you might allow your emotions to take over and lead you to risky investments.
Take a breath and do some home work first and seek advice from trustworthy sources.

Over the next few days, many of you will decide to partake in yard sales, flea-markets and auctions.
Something you buy very cheap will be worth a lot of money in years to come; it might be a beautiful piece of artwork.

Finally, meditation is the key, under this third quarter Gemini Moon, so if you can, even if it’s just for five minutes, chill out and try to relax your mind.

An afterthought: Don't promise more to others than you can deliver.

The magnificent Moon sojourns Gemini.

Under this Gemini Moon, some of you might start to question your sexual orientation; just go with the flow as there is no need to label yourself.

Some of you may decide to take out a large mortgage on an expensive house; do some due diligence first to see if you can afford it!

A major shift of focus on the home front is underway, and you might plan to move, to redesign, or to renovate.

Double check any investments you have made, and make sure your personal papers are in order.

For many, now is the time to focus on your home life a lot more and to strengthen its foundations.

Finally, some of you may become involved in polyamorous relationships, while others will be care free and rather promiscuous.

An afterthought: A haircut, and wardrobe change will enhance your youthful appearance.

That’s it for this week dudes, see you next Sunday.

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