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Hello my name is Neil Ormsby

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Please read my profile below.

Born on the 24th of February (Wed) 1954 at 21:20 pm GMT, place of birth Nottingham 52° N 58' - 1° W 10' England UK.

My mother told me the last bus drove past the house when I popped out, so I was born at 21:20 pm in the evening.

Ha Ha Ha !

Remember the saying, first you must cross my palm with silver.

When I was very young my parents often took us to the seaside, and I was fascinated by the Romany gypsy fortune tellers.

A beautiful picture of a Romany gypsy fortune teller.
Gypsy fortune teller.

We used to walk along the promenade, and I often peered inside the tents (once I had built up enough courage) to see them sitting at a table, peering intently into a crystal ball.

Little did I know at the time, but this would have a major influence on my future pathway in life.

My early years were spent in Lincolnshire, and I often watched the original Romany gypsies traveling around and setting up camp in the area; their Romany wagons looked so wonderful.

Picture of a Romany gypsy wagon.
Romany gypsy fortune teller wagon.

I used to sneak up and watch them sitting around their camp fires, I laugh now just thinking about it, because I am sure they knew I was there, and for some reason their dogs always left me alone.

When I was little I vaguely remember an aunt Rose, my mum told me she read the Tea leaves and was very good, but she saw her own death in her tea cup and stopped reading them.

Picture of a cup for reading tea leaves.

In my teens I was often asked by girls who were going for readings to escort them, but they could never get me to go inside with them.
I used to wait down the road for them to come out; were I lived in those days young men did not have readings.

In 1984, at the age of 30 (my Saturn Return), I saw an advert in the Prediction magazine, and after making an appointment I traveled to a place called Forest Town near Mansfield to see a clairvoyant lady.

When I arrived she said she was over booked and asked me if I would see her husband who had just started doing readings.
I was not happy but she introduced me to her husband Jon, and the guy just blew my mind, he was absolutely brilliant.
I have never met anyone else as good as he was that day.

I had some major things going on in my life at the time, and he told me what the the exact outcome would be.
Over a period of time what he told me that day happened word for word.

I moved to Milton Keynes in 1984 and after I had settled in I went to see a clairvoyant lady called Laura Lee.
Laura told me I should be doing the work and told me to buy some Tarot cards and to see her again a year later.

One of the things Jon had said, was that I should be reading for people because he could see that I would be very good.

After putting two and two together, I started reading for friends and family using playing cards,
and yes I used the seven card horseshoe spread.

Picture of the seven card horseshoe spread.

After a while I purchased my very first deck of Ryder Waite Tarot Cards.
I spent a lot of time with them forming a relationship, and after a while the cards accepted me and that is when they started to tell me things.

I did my first professional reading in Milton Keynes in the summer of 1988, after putting an advert in the local paper I did my first ever house visit which I still remember to this day.

Rather then using my real name, I decided to use the name Leon ( My mum was not very happy )

I did not go back to see Laura until I knew I was ready to work with her, good job because she threw me in at the deep end, I shared a table with her at my first ever Psychic event in Peterborough.

I traveled around the UK working with Laura at many psychic fairs, and also built up a large clientele at my home in Milton Keynes until the end of 2001.

Laura introduced me to the Psychic world, I owe her so much.

Along the way I started to study Astrology and introduced it with my Tarot readings and then I specialized in reading birth charts for people.

My mother died in 1997, so out of respect I changed my name to Neil once again ( confusing a lot of people )

After leaving Milton Keynes in 2001, I traveled a lot reading in Santa Monica CA, in the French Quarter in New Orleans, also Tulum and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.

A picture of the Bottom of the Cup Tea Room sign - 327 Chartres St - New Orleans, LA 70130.

Bottom of the Cup Tea Room ~ New Orleans

I returned to the UK because of illness and I now live in Newquay Cornwall.

Finally, I am convinced we are all born with the ability to do this work, but we are all put on the earth plane for a reason and to do different things.

And yes we are all gifted in our own individual ways.

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