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Pisces Sun ~ Scorpio Moon ~ Libra Rising.

Astrology is an ancient and sacred language, which enables us to study planetary cycles and their effects on human behavior.

I am an English Astrologer who has been reading astrological birth charts and tarot cards for 31 years.

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The Sun is in the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio

The Sun is in the zodiac sign of Scorpio.
Oct 23 - Nov 22 GMT

Daily Horoscopes for Thursday - Nov 14th - 2019 - GMT

Aries Daily Horoscope.

ARIES (MAR 20 - APR 20) | Ruling Planet: Mars.

A chatty Moon is breezing through Gemini and your solar third house so now's the time to get up and moving. Take action and advance your ideas. Discuss your problems. Learn something new or try a new approach. You'll be out and about with plenty to say and do. Just make sure you don't waste energy or scatter your efforts by trying to do too many things.

Taurus Daily Horoscope.

TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 21) | Ruling Planet: Venus.

The Moon dances in quicksilver Gemini and your solar second house of money today. You can pick up an opportunity, solve a problem or find a new way of doing things if you get out and about and do as much listening as talking. Women may be helpful in discussions on practical matters. This is a busy period if you've been working on making the right connections. Stick to basic values though. There are pressures building and you'll need to make the right decisions.

Gemini Daily Horoscope.

GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 21) | Ruling Planet: Mercury.

The Moon shines brightly in your sign, so it's a good day to spoil yourself. Take time for a hot bath, a good meal or any favourite luxury you fancy. If you have a busy day ahead, make sure you take time out to look after yourself at some point. For some, this may be a day at home with family or loved ones. Others may like to retreat into domesticity to get away from the humdrum of life outside. You'll be emotional today and your moods may fluctuate. Spend some time by the water if you can.

Cancer Daily Horoscope.

CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 23) | Ruling Planet: The Moon.

The secretive Moon moves through Gemini and your solar twelfth house so it will help if you try to slow the pace of things today. Step back from the hustle and bustle. Take time for your inner process. Give attention to spiritual matters or creative projects. Rest if you need it. You will benefit immensely if you can get a good rhythm of work and rest that allows you to reassess things as you're going. If you're too pushed, you might find yourself drifting away or losing concentration.

Leo Daily Horoscope.

LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 23) | Ruling Planet: The Sun.

It's time to find a new means to express your feelings and your inner needs. You Lions are often too proud to ask for help or disclose your real feelings. Find a creative medium that allows others to see inside you a little more. This will be a busy day, with lots of friends and acquaintances around. There may be plenty of idle talk and animated discussion but don't let all this blind you to what you really need. Don't gloss over a problem, especially where partners are concerned. Talk about it.

Virgo Daily Horoscope.

VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 23) | Ruling Planet: Mercury.

The Moon flits through Gemini and your solar tenth house today, so the call will be for you to get on with what's required in terms of duty or obligation. There may be matters at work and people to be dealt with. There may be a variety of tasks that all have to be taken care of. There may be a need to see both sides of a question and help negotiate and deal or a truce. Clear communication will be required. Accord yourself the authority you have earned over time and do what's asked of you.

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Libra Daily Horoscope.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 23) | Ruling Planet: Venus.

The changing Moon enters chatty Gemini and your ninth house of long distance travel and communication, helping you to open up more. However, by the end of the day you may get news from afar, from an educational institution, or concerning a legal issue that will change your plans for tomorrow. Try to be flexible.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope.

SCORPIO (OCT 23 - NOV 22) | Ruling Planet: Pluto.

The green-eyed monster may raise its ugly head as a possessive mood grows today. With the insecure Moon moving into your eighth house of sex, money, and power, you may be on the receiving end of someone's envy. Of course, it may be you who cannot stand to see someone else has all the goodies, but you are far too evolved for that now, right?

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope.

SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 22) | Ruling Planet: Jupiter.

Romance is on tap, as the heavenly lights gather in your seventh house of marriage today. Whether you are in a long term relationship or just beginning to fall in love, this is the perfect night to look deeply into another's eyes. Harmony in all your most significant relationships is favoured.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope.

CAPRICORN (DEC 22 - JAN 20) | Ruling Planet: Saturn.

Make a healthy change of pace as the Moon moves through your sixth house of health and service today. If you ate too much junk or binged on alcoholic beverages recently, now is the time to cleanse your system. Be sure to drink at least eight tall glasses during the day and enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables of the season. Turn in early tonight.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope.

AQUARIUS (JAN 20 - FEB 18) | Ruling Planet: Uranus.

The emotional Moon and fortunate Jupiter blend well, helping you to understand your own motivations today. This is a great time for working on creative projects and/or working with children, as even the simplest tasks can seem like fun. Teaching someone else how to do something you are especially good at will double your pleasure. Share your creative talents with the special people in your life.

Pisces Daily Horoscope.

PISCES (FEB 18 - MAR 20) | Ruling Planet: Neptune.

You may find that you are at a turning point in your career, or in regards to one of your closest relationships today. It will be important for you to step back and evaluate the situation with your heart. If you can let go and allow the Universe to guide you, your decisions should eventually lead to the best outcome possible. Let go of resentment and judgment in order to receive your blessings.

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From Sun signs to Moon signs

Photo of the Sun/Moon.
The Moon has a bewitching entrancement unlike that of the Sun
It has been an entity of mystery and worship for many centuries, responsible for the fluctuation of the daily tides.

The Next Moon Event is : Full Moon 19° 52' Taurus ~ 12th November, 13:34 pm. GMT

Today's Moon Phase.
Today: The Moon is sojourning Gemini ~ Full Moon

This week's Lunar Horoscope Forecast GMT

Please note : This weeks forecast is for ALL signs.

And if your Moon sign at birth is listed below, its influence will affect you more than others.

The Moon heads into haunting and mysterious Scorpio.

08:22 am Moon Begins VoC Libra.

20:30 pm Moon Enters Scorpio.

You must control any feelings of resentment and anger over the next few days, as any pent up feelings may pour out.
Meditation, dance and yoga will help you to maintain a peaceful, and more positive attitude.

For some, try to be a good time keeper at work over the next few days; you do not want to give your boss an excuse to fire you, do you?

If you are single, the need for companionship may be at the fore front of your mind.
It is quite possible you will meet someone (there may be a marked age difference) who is looking for long-term commitment.

If a youngster shows creative talent, invest in some art classes for them. Your faith in their ability will boost their self-confidence.

A date that had been arranged for this evening, will be cancelled when one of you mentions something that touches a raw nerve, triggering an angry response.

Finally, if you are feeling rather agitated, this may lead to aggression, so rather than taking it out on others, use a punch bag down at the gym.

An afterthought: Instead of bossing people around, why not use sweet talk as a means to an end.

You can find the rest of the week


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