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Photograph of Astrologer Neil Ormsby.
Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon, Libra Rising.

Astrology is an ancient and sacred language, which enables us to study planetary cycles and their effects on human behavior.

I am an English Astrologer who has been reading astrological birth charts and tarot cards for 28 years.

This Week's Lunar Horoscope forecast is below.
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Photo of the Sun/Moon.
The Moon has a bewitching entrancement unlike that of the Sun
It has been an entity of mystery and worship for many centuries, responsible for the fluctuation of the daily tides.

The Next Moon Event is : New Moon/Supermoon 4° 47' Gemini on May 25, 2017 at 19:45 pm GMT

This Moon Phase is updated every 4 hours.
Today: Moon in Taurus ~ Waning Crescent.

This week's Lunar Horoscope Forecast GMT

Please note : This weeks forecast is for ALL signs.

And if your Moon sign at birth is listed below, its influence will affect you more than others.

03:39 am Moon Begins VoC Pisces.

10:10 am Moon Enters Aries.

It may take time to get a grand plan off the ground, and there may be moments when you want to throw in the towel.
But, with a little perseverance you will succeed, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.

If you are single and your self-esteem is at an all time low, try to be non-judgemental and accept yourself just as you are.
And if you do decide to get involved with someone, aim high !

On a financial level, make sure you put your house in order by paying the bills first, before you indulge in any expensive purchases.

If you are tired of living a lie, it might be best to come clean about a secret you have been harbouring for a while.

For some, now is the time to give your place a lick of paint, with the intention of renting the house, or even selling up and relocating.
But, don't rush into anything that you're not 100 percent sold on.

You may have to be the arbitrator if you are drawn into a family dispute, if so try to maintain a diplomatic stance.

Finally, to save yourself some money when commuting, why not consider car sharing, which is good for your budget and the environment.

An afterthought: It is not a good idea to play fast and loose with joint finances or a retirement fund.

The Moon journeys through Aries.

Under the Aries Moon, it will be good for you to do something physical to improve your blood circulation.

You may hear disappointing news regarding a job application or perhaps a promotion.

Beware of getting involved with a charity until you've done some research into their fundraising methods.

The fine art of communication is the key when clearing up an outstanding problem with a friend.

An afterthought: If you are riding a bicycle, make sure you wear a helmet which conforms to current regulations.

06:59 am Moon Begins VoC Aries.

12:32 pm Moon Enters Taurus.

For some, a new partner cannot get over the relationship they had with their ex, and may even be comparing you.
Maybe its time for you to find someone who is more deserving.

A romantic relationship may develop with someone you see regularly while commuting to work.
You might have to say the first words in breaking the ice.

Think twice before accepting a promotion that looks good on paper, as it may turn out to be a bad move.

Single, keep a watchful eye for new neighbors moving in, as you will be instantly attracted to one of them.

An afterthought: Listen to the wise words of someone who is more experienced and older.

19:08 pm Moon Begins VoC Taurus.

A chance encounter, in the unlikeliest of places, could lead to everything you've been wishing for and much more.

When making a charitable donation, there is no harm in asking for a break down of where the money is going.

Sometimes, a complete outsider can be the best mediator, to help you resolve a dispute/conflict you may be in.

We all like a bargain, but buying shoddy materials is not a bargain in the long run.

Finally, someone who shows an interest in you may claim to be single when they aren't.

An afterthought: When you go somewhere new, you will experience strong feelings of Déjà vu.

12:15 pm Moon Enters Gemini.

Just like the moon, which keeps part of itself hidden, you may become involved in a secret love affair.

Resist the urge to buy someone's affection with an expensive gift, as you should be loved for who you are, not for what you can give to others.
Remember, if you try to buy love, it may end up being very costly.

If someone who wants to sleep with you is impatient and will not wait, it should be telling you something.
Do not give your heart away to someone who might break it.

Single, it’s better to wait if you are not sure what or who you are looking for.

Finally, under this Gemini Moon, it is not wise to be a guarantor for a loan.

An afterthought: Consider doing a background check, on someone who you do not really know, before becoming entangled in a physical relationship.

19:45 pm New Moon/Supermoon 4° 47' Gemini.

This New Moon urges us all to reset our communications strategy and to think outside the box.

Regarding emotions of the heart, it brings an opportunity to renew an existing relationship or to make a fresh start.

Old grievances can be forgotten now as this energy is all about the future, not the past.

As the Moon journeys through Gemini.

A sudden opportunity to travel for business or education might fall in your lap today.

Most people will do anything for a loved one in need, but if someone asks you to put your own reputation in jeopardy, you must draw a line.
Say no, and stick to it.

If you know it isn't true, put someone straight if they are spreading gossip around the neighbourhood.

If you are an aspiring model, make an appointment, or visit a walk in modeling agency.
Remember, no reputable agency would ask you for money to join or pay for a portfolio.

A day to be aboveboard in all of your dealings, as getting involved with a shady character could end up in court proceedings.

An afterthought: You may find love with the most unlikely person, in the strangest of places, which is full of new faces.

06:18 am Moon Begins VoC Gemini.

11:24 am Moon Enters Cancer.

If you are unhappy at work, it will be suicidal handing in your notice and leaving before you have another job.
So rather than going out of the frying pan and into the fire, look for another position first.

If you are looking to buy a home, make a bid on a property that is outside of your price range.
There is a good chance the seller will agree to your proposal.

You may find yourself falling for a complete stranger, resulting in a one night stand, which you will regret in the morning.

Finally, if you are trying to keep two warring parties together, do not labour a lost cause, let them go their separate ways.

An afterthought: Don't be afraid to try something utterly alien, as you will find the experience liberating.

Small photo of the Sun/Moon.

The above weekly lunar horoscope snippets are based on the movement of the Moon through the zodiac signs, and the influence of the planetary aspects.

The void-of-course period of the Moon, is the period of time from the moment the Moon makes the last contact with any planet in the current sign of the zodiac, and until it enters the next sign.

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