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Using the Tarot and Astrology together, you can make a prediction for any day of the year.

The Major Arcana Tarot Card below, represents a thirty day period, (the lunar cycle of the moon is 29.5 days) and coincides with the changing of the zodiac signs.

Whilst the three Minor Arcana Tarot Cards below each represent a ten day period of the 30 day cycle.

The Major Arcana Tarot Card for July 23 - Aug 22 is The Strength Card.

Picture of the Strength Tarot Card.

The Strength Tarot Card : Keyword: Courage.

The need for strength, courage self-discipline and determination in order to succeed.

Inner strength needed to face life's challenges, the time to face and conquer any fears.
Once we realize we are the source empowering all our experiences, we are pushed to challenge what was once thought to have power over us.

The lesson of this card, is to trust in the power of good, and to overcome the things you most fear.

The Five of Wands - First decanate of the Sun - July 23 - Aug 1 - ruled by Saturn.

The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards.

Five of Wands : The Five of Wands often refers to competition, usually this is in the career/work arena, but sometimes it can refer to romantic rivals.

There can be friendly rivalry at first, but if allowed to get out of hand, it can lead to a deeper conflict.

There is the need to be bold, a leader, to be in command and take control of a given sitution.

The Six of Wands - Second decanate of the Sun - Aug 2 - Aug 12 - ruled by Jupiter.

The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards.

Six of Wands : The six of wands can often indicate good news as a result of hard work.

It can show a person receiving recognition, and being honoured in some way for their talents and achievements.

The card can often show a need to travel for career advancement.

In a committed relationship, you are likely to find yourself feeling closer and happier with your partner than ever before.

Single, take heart, as the appearance of this card can mean you are about to meet the person you have been dreaming about.

Moneywise, make hay while the Sun shines, and put some aside for a rainy day.

The Seven of Wands - Third decanate of the Sun - Aug 13 - Aug 22 - ruled by Mars.

The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards.

Seven of Wands : When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

The Seven of Wands suggests fighting off any competition, the need to stand up and be counted, and to defend what you believe in.

You should make how you feel crystal clear, stand your ground, and not compromise in any shape or form.

In business, you may be faced with stiff competition, but do not let anyone intimidate you.

You have the skills and know-how to deal with anyone who is trying to sneak in and take over your manor.

Additional meanings : Defence of boundaries, business negotiations, not willing to compromise your values, pleasure in strenuous action.

Tip :
When interpreting the cards above, remember they can have so many different meanings, in a tarot spread one card is merely a piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

So in a reading always use the cards surrounding them, and to use your intuition to get their true interpretation.

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Our Journey In Life.

IX The Hermit

At periods of time in our life, we can become confused lost and saddened, as we travel along the spiritual pathway our journey in life.
We have so many decisions to make, work, career, home life, relationships and much more.

IX Hermit Tarot card.
IX The Hermit.

VIII Strength

One minute things can be fine, but all of a sudden we can go off the pathway, mostly through no fault of our own.
Yes we can become confused, lost and saddened for a period of time, but by using our inner strength and having someone to help and advise us, we can redirect ourselves and rejoin the pathway once again.

VIII Strength Tarot card.
VIII Strength.

XIII Death

We are put here on the earth plane for a reason, some people find it in early years, some when they are older, others late in life.
Our lives are like a book, and any major changes that occur, represent a chapter ending, and another one beginning.
Yes our life's work in cycles.

XIII Death Tarot card.
XIII Death.

XX Judgment

Along our journey in life, I feel there are times when we need redirection, and also to cleanse our inner selves.
We need to let go of so many things that are stored in our subconscious, the basement of our minds.
Yes there is pain and sorrow along the way, but remember also there is so much love and beauty in the world that we live in.

XX Judgment Tarot card.
XX Judgment.

The above, is based on the Hermit, Strength, Death, and Judgment Major Arcana Tarot cards.

I wrote this under a Gemini Full Moon, when visiting Manitou Springs (Spirit) in Colorado, USA in November 2001.

Please note : I do not do readings anymore, but I like to keep the website updated on a regular basis, so please enjoy.

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