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Astrology Readings by Jasmin Star

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“I am not here to tell you what you want to hear but what you need to know”.

Hi, my name is Jasmin, and just like my parents I have been studying astrology since my early teenage years.

As a teenager, I first started drawing up natal charts for my family and friends.

I started reading for the general public after attending a United Astrology conference in Denver, Colorado in 2008.
I met and read for some seasoned astrologers, who seemed impressed; they all told me to turn professional.

I did my first professional reading not long after, when I was sat at a table which was positioned outside (using an umbrella for shade) in Jackson Square, which is part of the French Quarter in New Orleans.
It was one of the best moments of my life.

Since then, I have been travelling extensively around the world, casting birth charts along the way.
I am at present in Brisbane Australia.

When I read a birth chart, I use a persons birth data to track the planets in the sky, to offer insight and advice.

If you would like me to read for you, I will concentrate on one main question, the cost being $30 USD.
At the same time I will tell you about one or two other things that lie ahead in your future.

One Question in-depth Reading

Your question can be anything, but think carefully first before sending it.

It can be a question about your work, career, business; relationships, marriage, divorce, children and much more.

People often ask, when am I going to get married; others want to know if they are going to work/live abroad.

Sometimes a person will feel unhappy at home, which then affects their relationship with their loved one.
In fact, it can be the persons job which is getting them down; hence being unhappy at home.

It is important if you can, to provide your correct time of birth; if you are unsure please check your birth certificate.

Please email me the details, which are listed below

1. Your full name

Are you male/female.

2. Your date of birth

Month first = 02/27/1980 = February 27, 1980.

3. Your time of birth

Please state AM or PM, or you can use the 24-hour clock.

4. Your place of birth

Country/Town/City/Province or Region.

5. Please include the question you would like me to answer.

6. Finally, the email address to send the reading to.

Once you have paid, I will then send your one question reading within 2 -3 working days.

My email address is below


Please pay here for your $30 USD one question in-depth reading.

Thank you ~ Jasmin.