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Libra Rising ~ Pisces Sun ~ Scorpio Moon.

Astrology is an ancient and sacred language, which enables us to study planetary cycles and their effects on human behavior.

I am an English Astrologer who has been reading astrological birth charts and tarot cards for 29 years.

🍀Luckiest Day - Thursday, October 26th - Sun conjunct Jupiter 3° Scorpio🍀

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The Sun is in the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio.

October 23 - November 22 GMT

The Sun is in the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday - October 24th - 2017 - GMT


ARIES (MAR 20 - APR 19)

The Moon in fiery Sagittarius and your ninth house of travel and adventure turns your thoughts to faraway places and to those far from home. You may feel overwhelmed by wanderlust, so remember that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Take the time to communicate clearly so as to avoid misunderstandings.


TAURUS (APR 19 - MAY 20)

You need some fresh air today, especially if that involves visiting somewhere for the first time. If you can't get out physically, do so mentally instead by doing some research or reading and acquiring some knowledge in the process. If you've been thinking about going away for Christmas but haven't planned anything yet, get cracking now while you're in the right frame of mind.


GEMINI (MAY 20 - JUN 21)

You will discover that it pays after all to be diplomatic. Someone let you down recently but you kept your head up, and now you are getting not only support and kudos, but offers of help and opportunities that you might not have gotten if you had not faced this challenge so gracefully.


CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22)

You are having a touch of the wanderlust right now, but other commitments are likely to keep you rooted firmly at home. You may have investments or responsibilities that get in the way of getting away. Paperwork does go smoothly and a business trip will be challenging but successful.


LEO (JUL 22 - AUG 22)

You have a wild, strange energy to you right now. You cannot seem to decide what you want to do - but you know you don't want to work. You do want to play, and may tend to play a little too hard. Don't go over the top, you could end up hurting or straining yourself.


VIRGO (AUG 22 - SEP 22)

You'll feel happiest in your own home now, but unfortunately most of you will have to leave the house to go to work. If you can leave early, by all means do so! Sometimes it is important to be in your own space, with very little stimulation from the outside world. Enjoy the family or the people who live with you today, and be grateful for the roof over your head.


LIBRA (SEP 22 - OCT 23)

You may find that your self-esteem is changing for the better as you work on your appearance or your reactions to others. Avoid making comparisons, stay focused on positive changes for your own benefit, and you will grow stronger more quickly.Take a break from beating on yourself. You are getting a lot more accomplished than you give yourself credit for. You would not be this hard on a friend, nor would you be friends with anyone else who was this hard on you, so what makes it okay to be so hard on yourself?



You may have some remarkable ideas right now that you can put to use later in the week to make yourself a lot of money. But right now, you may have to keep them secret or under wraps until the timing is right. Don't get too wrapped up in a home improvement project right now - could be arguments about that.



You have an intuition about an elder family member. You must go and speak to them, take action on their behalf, or find some way you can help them. Your generosity and good will can work wonders right now. A little home improvement chore will make a huge difference in your lifestyle.



You are pushy and impatient, the very soul of road rage right now, and are a moving hazard if you are not careful. Pull back, take some deep breaths, make sure there is enough space between you and the driver in front of you - even if they are driving slow in the passing lane.



Friends and companions will seem unfocused, but not unfriendly right now. They just can't seem to get their collective act together and it may be a futile exercise in herding cats if you are in charge of any kid of group activity or pass time. It may not be a good day to hold any group or club meetings.


PISCES (FEB 18 - MAR 20)

You are in the mood to play, to escape your responsibilities, and you may find there are opportunities to get out of work early. You find there is a lucky break or opportunity to participate in sports, entertainment, or a get-together that improves your mood.

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The Chinese New Year ( the Year of the Rooster ) commenced on January 28, 2017.

Picture of a red rooster.

If you want to know which zodiac animal you are, please use this

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From Sun signs to Moon signs

Photo of the Sun/Moon.
The Moon has a bewitching entrancement unlike that of the Sun
It has been an entity of mystery and worship for many centuries, responsible for the fluctuation of the daily tides.

The Next Moon Event is : 1st Quarter Moon 4° 47' Aquarius - October 27 - 22:23 pm. GMT

This Moon Phase is updated every 4 hours.
Today: The Moon is sojourning Sagittarius ~ Waxing Crescent.

This week's Lunar Horoscope Forecast GMT

Please note : This weeks forecast is for ALL signs.

And if your Moon sign at birth is listed below, its influence will affect you more than others.

Moon Begins VoC Scorpio.

11:56 am Moon Enters Sagittarius.

Single? You will need to do some detective work, to find out who the hottie is in a video of a friend’s wedding.
When you discover who the person is, it may lead to your own church bells ringing...

After considering if to end a relationship you will start to dwell on the financial implications of a breakup.
And after you weigh up the pros and cons, it will put you off doing anything final initially, but for how long?

Don’t be surprised if you hear from a former lover who feels very bad for letting you go.
Are you easily taken in? You gullible you.

For some, your heart will skip a beat, when you bump into a childhood sweetheart whilst visiting a property which has a plaque of someone famous on the outside wall.

Finally, for those of you who are looking for a property, you will already have a picture in your mind of your dream home.
But, you will fall in love with a very different one which will turn out to be your perfect dwelling.

An afterthought: For some, you will have a desire to meditate, practice yoga or tai chi, and go on a retreat.

You can find the rest of the week


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