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Pisces Sun ~ Scorpio Moon ~ Libra Rising.

Astrology is an ancient and sacred language, which enables us to study planetary cycles and their effects on human behavior.

I am an English Astrologer who has been reading astrological birth charts and tarot cards for 30 years.

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The Sun is in the Zodiac Sign of Aquarius

The Sun is in the zodiac sign of Aquarius.
January 20 - February 18 GMT

Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday - January 22nd - 2018 - GMT

Aries Daily Horoscope.

ARIES (MAR 20 - APR 20) | Ruling Planet: Mars.

Things tense up a touch today Aries. Things that did not annoy you a few days ago really rub you the wrong way. Even though this energy will bring discord, bottling up your emotional thoughts will only increase the internal pressure and make a mountain out of a molehill. This is also quite a critical time within love connections as you will be quite content to criticize but will not be so keen on hearing others true thoughts about you. The ensuing debates and confrontational conversations will bring certain concerns to the surface to be dealt with, rather than it all being swept under the carpet.

Taurus Daily Horoscope.

TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 21) | Ruling Planet: Venus.

This energy will have two effects, depending on your immediate environment. You either bottle up your true thoughts and feelings, which creates tension, or you unleash your true thoughts and feelings, which creates tension! To bottle everything up will only cause an inevitable explosion at a later stage. Discuss your feelings and ride the tension wave. At the very least you will have cleared the air and have honesty before you to formulate any necessary decisions.

Gemini Daily Horoscope.

GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 21) | Ruling Planet: Mercury.

Uh oh! This will be a tense day on the romantic front Gemini, where any bottled-up tensions will be released. You may have suppressed your true feelings to achieve harmony, but will not do so any longer. There may be disagreements about finances, jealousy or the old wandering eye. On a positive note though, the air will be filled with concerns that will find resolution. Things are better out than in.

Cancer Daily Horoscope.

CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 23) | Ruling Planet: The Moon.

There's tension on the home and partnership front today, as all the quirky bits that annoy you come flooding out. You love to scurry away in that shell of yours, but when it is time for the appearance of those nippers, you are quite relentless. You will be quite specific in the order you desire things to be in your life, so the 'little things' may seem larger than usual. At least once you have said your piece, the hidden tensions will disappear.

Leo Daily Horoscope.

LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 23) | Ruling Planet: The Sun.

What has been bottled up and avoided will come to a head today. This will involve a female within your close environment. The positives to all of this, despite the conflict, is the fact that all is exposed and may be dealt with at last. Seek to bring harmony to this situation, but stand firm within your own thoughts and opinions. Do not allow yourself to bulldozed by another and give in too quickly, as this situation will only grow larger if you do.

Virgo Daily Horoscope.

VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 23) | Ruling Planet: Mercury.

There is the potential to clash with siblings or close individuals today, where bottled-up concerns will be released at last. You won't respond well to any individuals who attempt to dominate you or attempt to take the upper hand. The upside is that past tensions will be expressed, but this could cause some serious negativity within love connections, so do your best to communicate as calmly as possible.

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Libra Daily Horoscope.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 23) | Ruling Planet: Venus.

You will not take any form of criticism about yourself well at all today Libra. This is an emotional day so you are sensitive to the slightest of comments. As hard as you try, you will find it difficult to not be offended and will lash out at any who send negativity your way.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope.

SCORPIO (OCT 23 - NOV 22) | Ruling Planet: Pluto.

Tensions brew on the home front, Scorpio. You desire changes, but will be inconsistent with your decisions. You will simply not tolerate being told what to do today, so those around you may find they meet the painful end of your stinger if they dare to cross your boundaries.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope.

SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 22) | Ruling Planet: Jupiter.

Whatever you have bottled up in the past will be unveiled, from your secret crushes to your intimate private experiences. You will find the hardest element of this is self-acceptance of your past actions and thoughts. This may also display in an alternative way, where you find yourself fantasizing about something completely naughty!

Capricorn Daily Horoscope.

CAPRICORN (DEC 22 - JAN 20) | Ruling Planet: Saturn.

With the Sun now in Aquarius, you feel a definite shift in mood. There is a high chance of conflict with the opposite sex, either at work or on the home front, but the positive swing of all of this is that opinions and deeper thoughts shall be aired. You will be sensitive to what you hear, but remain firm within your decisions whether you face negativity or not. To change your mind at this point in time may be detrimental at a later stage.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope.

AQUARIUS (JAN 20 - FEB 18) | Ruling Planet: Uranus.

You can achieve well today Aquarius if you keep your mind on the ball that you have set in motion. Hurdles brought forth via communications or your own self-doubts are due to the fact that your present thoughts and drives are really only evolving right now for the world to see. In many ways you are venturing into new territory and as exciting as that is, it is also a touch nerve-racking. Don't change tactics. Remain confident, what happens today is the best for you in the long term.

Pisces Daily Horoscope.

PISCES (FEB 18 - MAR 20) | Ruling Planet: Neptune.

There will be open discussion, perhaps even a minor conflict in your social sphere today, as a friend decides to voice their thoughts and opinions. Your friend does not fully understand your desires and is voicing their concerns regarding your choices. Even if there is closure to a relationship at this time, the air will be cleared and tensions released.

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