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Astrology is an ancient and sacred language, which enables us to study planetary cycles and their effects on human behavior.

I am an English Astrologer who has been reading astrological birth charts and tarot cards for 28 years.

I hope you enjoy your Daily Horoscopes & Weekly Lunar Horoscope Forecast.

The Sun is in the Zodiac Sign of Gemini.

May 20th - June 20th GMT

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Daily Horoscopes for Saturday - May 28th - 2016 - GMT


ARIES (MAR 20 - APR 19)

You'll be extremely chatty and sociable during the next two weeks, so get set for a really busy phase. You might also be dashing hither and thither as you try to cram forty-eight hours into every twenty-four, with plenty of short journeys and meetings to keep you fully occupied. There's no doubt that your brain will be buzzing, but you'll need periods of rest to avoid burning yourself out.


TAURUS (APR 19 - MAY 20)

You need to spend time thinking about your possessions, finances and general values between now and mid June. Think carefully about your monthly budget, and how you can allocate more money to the things you really enjoy. You'll also do well in any sort of financial negotiation, and you'll be able to argue your case with ease.


GEMINI (MAY 20 - JUN 20)

Your thoughts will be very self-cantered during the next two weeks. That's exactly the way it should be right now, although other people may not agree. So try to be tactful and listen to your friends and loved ones, even if you'd rather talk about yourself. It may help to keep a journal or diary so you can write down your thoughts as they come to you.


CANCER (JUN 20 - JUL 22)

You enter a reflective state of mind from today, and you'll remain in a contemplative mood until early June. This is a great chance to spend plenty of time alone, mulling over what's been going on in your life recently and assessing your current situation. But bear in mind that you'll feel almost tongue-tied at times, making it difficult for you to put your feelings into words. It will help to tell loved ones how you're feeling, otherwise they may think you've clammed up on them or are giving them the cold shoulder for some reason.


LEO (JUL 22 - AUG 22)

Intellectual topics will give you plenty to think about during the next two weeks and you'll enjoy discussing your thoughts with people who are on the same wavelength as you. You might even have some wide-ranging discussions that encourage you to organize your thoughts and review your opinions. The coming fortnight will also be a great opportunity to make contact with friends you haven't spoken to in a while.


VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22)

The next couple of weeks will be the ideal time to think hard about your career and ambitions, and to decide in which direction they're heading. Are you pleased with the progress you're making or do you suspect that you've got to scrap your plans and start again from scratch? It will help to write down your thoughts and ideas so you can keep referring to them.


LIBRA (SEP 22 - OCT 22)

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday you had your chin on the ground, but today you're able to look the world in the eye again. You're keen to make up for lost time by doing things that are exciting and mentally stimulating, such as visiting somewhere for the first time. You're also eager to rise to a challenge and prove something to yourself. Good luck!



You need to start thinking about important financial matters from today, such as pension schemes, saving plans and mortgages. Don't forget your tax situation, either. None of this is likely to make you want to dance round the room from sheer joy, but spending time on your finances over the next few weeks will pay off in the end by increasing your assets and making you feel more in control of your money.



The next couple of weeks are great for talking to the special people in your life, but especially your partner. Try to make time for plenty of conversation so you both get the chance to talk about things that matter to you. Most of all, though, you need to communicate with one another so you can enhance and strengthen your relationship.



The coming fortnight will be a great opportunity to think about your daily schedule. Does it suit you? Or are you bored with it and looking for ways to liven it up? This will also be a good time to read up on any health matters that might concern you, to get the advice of your doctor or dentist, or to take your pet to the vet for a check-up.



The coming couple of weeks are great for using your brain. Try your luck at competitions, quizzes and puzzles, in case your sharp wits can win you a prize, or you could go through a very jokey and playful phase. It will also bring fun with children and the chance for taking them on outings to such places as the zoo or the beach.


PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20)

Thoughts of the past start to fill your mind from today and will continue to occupy you until mid June. Enjoy this sentimental journey down memory lane by looking through lots of old keepsakes and treasures or by discussing past events with someone who shared them with you. You might also enjoy watching programs about the past on television.

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Am I a Taurus or a Gemini ?

Were you born on the Cusp ?

Did you know : This year the Sun left the Zodiac Sign of Taurus (Bull) and entered Gemini (Twins) on the 20th of May at 14:36 pm GMT.

So the question is : Depending on your birth year, are you a Bull (Earth Sign) or a Twin (Air Sign).

If you are unsure which one of the zodiac sign's you are, please me with your time, date, and place of birth.

Current planetary positions in the Zodiac Signs

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From Sun signs to Moon signs

A New Moon in Cancer.
Next Moon Event : New Moon 14° 53' in Gemini - June 5th 2016 at 03:01 am GMT.

This week's Lunar Horoscope Forecast GMT

The influence of last night's Sagittarius Full Moon is still very potent, but the big news of the day is that Mercury ends its retrograde cycle and turns direct at 13:19 pm GMT.

The wheel of fortune is slowly turning, which is good for some but not for others.
So over the next few days, the key is not to take any undue risks.

It's a strange day today as you may feel very irritable and easily upset when expressing your feelings towards others.

If for some reason you have to lay down the law, remember that includes yourself as well, so practice what you preach.

Do some physical exercises to work off any negative tendencies.

Later, promise yourself some down time so you can recharge your batteries.

An afterthought: Be kind to yourself and others.

Very early on Monday morning "make hay while the Sun shines" because the Sun opposes Mars and indicates that work or health could prove rather troublesome.

At work, good things can happen, but you may need to compromise on some level.
Maybe its time to do some soul searching which can help you come to any decisions going forward.

Instead of putting your head in the sand and pretending everything is perfect, address any problems head on.

In the afternoon you will still be trying to kick start your day, but end up running around and chasing your tail.
Go home early and take the dog for a walk.

On a positive note, love and romance will soon be your main focus.
So if you are looking for love, you are more likely to meet someone very special right now.

An afterthought: It’s normal to feel nervous when you are facing the unknown.

05:34 am Moon enters Capricorn

Venus enters Gemini at 09:44 am GMT.

This sexy energy will be with us until the Summer Solstice.
Passion will be close at hand and will readily express itself through words and action, not just at work but in the bedroom where their will also be a lot of yin yang going on.

Stay clear of the limelight and any highly influential people, as any scandal would put your reputation at stake.
This also applies to an office romance, or a social event connected with co-workers.

You should be far happier at work now, and any creative relationships should improve in leaps and bounds.

On a creative level you will be able to turn something from nothing into something new.

On a monetary level, Venus can bring money from a variety of sources, but often in small amounts.

If they are not on your wave length, now is a good time to let go of any unsuitable friendships, hangers on, or acquaintances.
You can quiet easily cultivate new friendships.

If you want to invite love into your life, stop clinging on to the past.

Book yourself a holiday to a far off place, and include a trip to the great wall of China.

An afterthought: Never judge a book by it's cover.

Pay close attention to your relationship with your partner as Venus opposes Mars from 02:38 am GMT.

Relationships can become especially tense now, and sometimes the person who you love the most can also drive you the craziest.

With regards to the bedroom, someone might be quiet forceful, some people like this, some not.
Perhaps you are hot and they are cold, perhaps you are in the mood and they are not, or vice versa.

Make sure you’re understanding and being understood, and if there are any communication issues, just sit down together and have a good old chinwag to clear the air.
Be respectful towards each other and remember when someone says No, it means No.
Make sure you do not go to bed feeling angry, kiss and make up instead.

If you want to take your life to the next level, the Capricorn way is to climb, one rung of the ladder at a time.
So just take it easy and continue to climb your life ladder till you reach the top !

An afterthought: Be careful what you post on your Facebook page.

14:27 pm Moon enters Aquarius

Also today Jupiter squares Saturn.

If you are waiting for the wheel of fortune to favor you, be patient as timing is important, and yours might be off right now.

Do your homework first and be certain of your plans before you go ahead with anything.

Do not take any shortcuts through the poppy fields, stay on the yellow brick road.

Legal, business and professional difficulties and delays may arise during this period.
So do not make important changes at this time, and be cautious with respect to any business expansion.
And remember, timing is of essence.

However, with mighty Jupiter protecting your finances, I think you will eventually come out on top.

If you are single, you will be looking for love, and yes true love can be found as Venus the goddess of love and beauty stays in Gemini until mid June.

Check your records to make sure you didn't miss any bills, like your mortgage or a rent payment, and check any insurance is up to date, including your most precious possessions.

An afterthought: Use experience from the past as a basis on which to build your hopes for the future.

At 13:51 pm GMT Mars retrograde moves into Scorpio.

It is possible that old and deeply buried anger may come to the surface now for examination.

Intimate relationships too may come under fire if there have been grumblings of discontent.

You need to be very diplomatic while dealing in family affairs especially the ones in which your spouse is directly involved.

Delegation is the key if you do not have time to do all of your work today, besides, wouldn't it be nice to have a clean desk on Monday morning.

There can be a foreign connection with regards to your current job, and an opportunity to spread your wings.

If possible pay attention to and try to clear up any outstanding debts.

Watch your speed, and your temper, and be cautious when driving as traffic violations are possible.

An afterthought: The past can often catch up with you.

21:06 pm Moon enters Pisces

Love and romance is top of your mind right now and you should come to a decision with regards to making a commitment.

You might get extremely frustrated over a love attraction if it is not reciprocated, but as you know there are plenty more fish in the sea.

New people arriving in your world right now will transform your life in a big way.
You may be introduced to some important individuals, if so, this might be your ticket to a better life.

Family will be upermost on your mind right now and you will be keeping an eye on your parent’s health.
You can expect support and affection from your siblings.

You may be travelling abroad on account of your work.

It's the weekend, so spend some time on the beach, or at home in the pool.
Hey ! Why not help to clean the beach !

An afterthought: A little trust goes a long way.

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