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Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon, Libra Rising.

Astrology is an ancient and sacred language, which enables us to study planetary cycles and their effects on human behavior.

I am an English Astrologer who has been reading astrological birth charts and tarot cards for 28 years.

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The Sun is in the Zodiac Sign of Leo.

July 22 - August 22 GMT

The Sun has entered the zodiac sign of Leo.

Daily Horoscopes for Sunday - August 20th - 2017 - GMT


ARIES (MAR 20 - APR 19)

With the changing Moon entering your fifth house of romance and pleasure, romantic notions are likely to be on your mind. The coming Solar Eclipse promises plenty of action for you in the love department, so be prepared for just about anything. With unpredictable Uranus involved, expect a bolt out of the blue to spice up your life!


TAURUS (APR 19 - MAY 20)

Home repairs may be hard to pin down today as the changing Moon travels in your fourth house of home and family. Emotional difficulties between family members may cause confusion as well. Spend time appreciating the wonder of nature with your family to help create a stronger bond between you. A day in the park or beach will work miracles.


GEMINI (MAY 20 - JUN 21)

Your imagination is strong as the changing Moon joins forces with communicative Mercury. In fact, it might be all too easy to exaggerate the truth today. Use this energy to entertain and to empathize with others rather to confuse or mislead. As the Solar Eclipse nears, you'll have more than your share of misunderstandings and disagreements.


CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22)

Once the changing Moon in your second house of finances meets communicative Mercury, you might want to do a little bean counting. Go over your finances carefully as the coming Solar Eclipse may shine more light on money matters than you are accustomed to. Organize yourself in preparation for a potentially stressful forty-eight to seventy-two hours.


LEO (JUL 22 - AUG 22)

The changing Moon sails into your first house of personality, helping you to feel like a superstar. Inspiring Uranus adds a note of unexpected delight to all you do, so enjoy charming everyone you come in contact with. Of course, there will always be those who do not appreciate your singular style and unique expression. Pay them no mind.


VIRGO (AUG 22 - SEP 22)

You might want to retreat from the world as the changing Moon skulks through your twelfth house of secrets and solitude. There may be trouble brewing and you'll need to gather your strength while you can. Organize yourself as much as possible today, because tomorrow may find you too busy fending off a growing problem at work or with your health.


LIBRA (SEP 22 - OCT 23)

The Moon enters Leo and your eleventh house of friends and associates, making this a good day to have company for tea or dinner. You'll enjoy the stimulating exchange of ideas, especially if your buddies have refreshingly different points of view. You may want to get outside and enjoy team sports or other group activities if the weather allows.



You may feel like all eyes are upon you as the Moon enters your tenth house of career and status; if you're making a public appearance, be sure to dress the part. Neptune adds to your natural air of mystery, while Mars helps you look and feel like a million bucks. Hold your head high so that people will know you are surviving, despite all the odds!



You'll have plenty of fresh ideas once the Moon moves through your ninth house of travel, education and adventure. It's time to do something completely different, so get out of the house and into the great, wide world. The Archer thrives on variety, and variety is exactly what the universe wants for you today.



The eighth house Moon encourages you to go to personal depths in your most intimate relationships. Over the next two days, tension may rise concerning sex, money and power, so line up your allies. You can accomplish a great deal in business matters, but it will take a lot of physical and emotional energy.



Arrange for some togetherness between you and your mate, best friend or partner as the changing Moon enters your seventh house of significant others. With the Solar Eclipse nearing, you need to take every opportunity to strengthen your most important alliances. Spend more time listening rather than talking. Give yourself plenty of time to think before speaking.


PISCES (FEB 18 - MAR 20)

The changing Moon enters your sixth house of health and service, reminding you to take care of yourself so that you may continue to serve others. As the Solar Eclipse approaches, you may need to be aware any health problems your body is trying to alert you to. If something doesn't feel quite right, pay attention! Don't ignore warning signs.

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The Chinese New Year ( the Year of the Rooster ) commenced on January 28, 2017.

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From Sun signs to Moon signs

Photo of the Sun/Moon.
The Moon has a bewitching entrancement unlike that of the Sun
It has been an entity of mystery and worship for many centuries, responsible for the fluctuation of the daily tides.

The Next Moon Event is : New Moon / Solar Eclipse 28° 53' Leo - 21st August - 18.31 pm. GMT

This Moon Phase is updated every 4 hours.
Today: The Moon is sojourning Leo ~ New Moon.

This week's Lunar Horoscope Forecast GMT

Please note : This weeks forecast is for ALL signs.

And if your Moon sign at birth is listed below, its influence will affect you more than others.

Still under the Leo Moon.

You will be a beacon of light today, charming everyone you come in to contact with.
Of course, there will always be those who are jealous, and do not appreciate your singular style and unique expression.
Pay them no mind.

You will have a unique opportunity to make amends with someone you’ve been at loggerheads with for months.
Be the bigger person, and shake them by the hand.

If you're interested in winning someone's heart, don't try to buy it with gifts, use words and actions instead.
You can't keep buying attention from people who aren't into you.

Be careful not to create a crush on your best friends partner, because one thing could lead to another, ruining everything.

If you've been yearning to travel, book a trip to an exotic land.
You'll love experiencing a culture that is so thoroughly different from your own.

Finally, when you are in mixed company, resist the temptation to discuss controversial subjects like religion and politics.

An afterthought: Don't be afraid to steer an old friendship into romantic waters.

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